On 23 November 2015, Aquila (Rikje) delivered a fabulous litter of 10 Stabyhoun puppies: 5 girls and 5 boys. The father is Danish stud dog, Trazzeltazz Chewing Gum of Atlas (Skipper) and this was his first litter. The mating was approved  by the NVSW. This is the 4th litter of Stabyhoun born in the UK – taking the population to over 50 individual dogs.

To view a short clip of this wonderful bunch, click here.

Please note that all puppies are sold through the official UK Stabyhoun Association waiting list. If you would like to apply for a puppy, please contact us.


Utske ♀

Utske 2 Utske 1

Walt ♂

 Walt 2  Walt

Yfke ♀

 Yfke  Yfke 2

Zeger ♂

 Zeger 2  Zeger

Aanje ♀

 Aanje 2  Aanje

Bertus ♂

 Bertus  Bertus 2

Douk ♂

 Douk  Douk 2

Edzard ♂

 Edzard2  Edzard

Fopke ♀

 Fopke2  Fopke

Gemme ♀

 Gemma 2  Gemma


 Aquila (Rikje)


 Trazzeltazz Chewing Gum of Atlas (Skipper)