The UK Stabyhoun Association manages the introduction of the Stabyhoun to the UK and promots careful and sensible breeding of these rare dogs. The UKSA does not have an interest in getting the breed recognised for Kennel Klub dog shows. The focus of the club is instead to enable the breeding of as many healthy dogs as possible to preserve genetic diversity.

If you are interested in the breed and are thinking about applying for a puppy, let us know so that we can begin by introducing you to one nearby. This will hopefully help you and your family decide if a Stabyhoun is definitely the breed for you. CLICK HERE to request a visit.

If you have already met a Stabyhoun and have fallen in love, you can apply for a puppy HERE.


Christina Savage TE78999-HY5555-07 2

Christina Savage – Founder and Fellow of the UKSA (International Contact)

Founder and Fellow of the UK Stabyhoun Association, Christina grew up with a Stabyhoun in Denmark. Having been in love with the breed ever since, she is now working to establish the Stabij as an active family dog in the UK alongside her dog, Jelske – one of the very first Stabyhoun in England and the mother of the country’s second ever litter of Stabyhoun puppies.

She is the International Contact for the UKSA.


Janice Vittachi – Chairman

Chairman and owner of one of the very first Stabyhoun in the UK, Rikje and Janice are now two of our most prized ambassadors of the breed.

Janice was previously on the Breeders Advisory Committee for the Stabyhoun in North America where she helped write their whelping guide.

She has successfully bred three litters of Stabyhoun puppies including the very first in England.

Helen Withey

Helen Withey – Vice Chairman, Training and Behaviour  Advisor

Helen is a full time dog trainer and Kennel Club Accredited Instructor. She is a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and a Course Instructor.Aside from lecturing on canine Training and Behaviour levels 2 and 3, Helen works gun dogs as well as trains her dogs for Obedience, Agility and scent work.





Jane Moss

Hannah Woods

Jane Moss – Secretary

Jane lives in the High Peak with her Stabyhoun, Aike, who was born in 2015. She is responsible for the day to day administration of the UKSA, the waiting list and introducing people interested in the breed to their nearest available Stabyhoun.


Hannah Woods – Head of the Breeding Advisory Committee

Already an experienced breeder when she collected her first Stabyhoun from the Netherlands in 2014, Hannah has since successfully bred a litter of these wonderful puppies in the UK. She has a keen interest in genetics, and in promoting breeding for health and diversity to ensure the future of the breed. At the UKSA, Hannah plays a key role in advising owners of UK Stabyhoun on future matings with both local dogs and foreign studs.


Gosia Hazell – Treasurer & Head of the Events Committee

Gosia lives in Hampshire with her Stabyhoun, Tess. She is responsible in coordinating the UKSA events including our annual event Stabyfest. Gosia is also the face behind all the artistic materials created for the UKSA.


Kayliegh Buckley – Breeding Advisor, UK Breeding Advisory Committee

Kayliegh lives in Devon with her Stabyhoun’s Briar and Tulla along with her Golden Retrievers. Kayliegh is an experienced breeder and is keen on promoting the health and diversity of the Stabyhoun.

Becca Fury – Events Coordinator, UK Events Committee

Becca lives in Surrey with her Stabyhoun, Luna.  She is part of the team responsible for coordinating the UKSA events.


Alicia Sacha – Events Coordinator, UK Events Committee

Alicia and her Stabyhoun Sander who was one of the puppies from the first UK litter, live in Berkshire.  She is a member of our very talented Events Committee and has been involved with the organisation since 2013.


Katie Smith – Social Media Manager

Katie and her Stabyhoun, Nova, are training with Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs.  She is responsible for keeping everyone informed on social media. She maintains the UKSA’s Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Nicky Jan – Wetterhoun contact

Nicky owns the first imported Wetterhoun for the UKSA, Aafke and her big brother Bottas the Stabyhoun, they live in Dorset. Nicky is responsible for Wetterhoun enquiries.