Occasionally a change in circumstances will mean that an adult Stabyhoun needs a new home. It is our mission that no Stabyhoun born within the UKSA shall ever end up in a Rescue centre. 

Whilst we strongly encourage breeders to be responsible for the puppies they breed throughout their lifetime, it is also sometimes the case where the breeder does not have the circumstances to be able to take another dog into their household at short notice.

For this reason, in 2021 the UK Stabyhoun Association established our Breed Rescue and Rehabilitation division, to enable us to support any owners or breeders who find themselves in the distressing situation of having to rehome their beloved pet.

The contact for Stabyhoun Rescue is Helen Withey helen.withey@btinternet.com

Helen, our Chairperson and Training Advisor, owns and runs a kennels in Norfolk. Her experience and facilities mean that she is ideally placed to take in any dogs who need a new home, even if they have some issues that may need working through first.

The UKSA asks for a small fee from the owner and breeder of the Stabyhoun to contribute towards the cost of this arrangement. Any further costs are covered by the UKSA Rescue Fund.

If you are interested in rehoming an adult Stabyhoun, please contact jane@stabyhounuk.com. Please be aware that it is very rare for a dog to need rehoming, so we cannot guarantee a rescue dog anytime soon! To date since the UKSA was founded in 2012, only 8 dogs have needed new homes and out of those 5 were taken back by their breeder to be rehomed privately.