Don’t just take our word for it; below are some honest thoughts and observations of the dog trainers who have so far had the pleasure of working with a Stabyhoun in the UK.

IMG_1922“The feedback from all instructors here who have worked with Emo is unanimous and enthusiastic: he is attentive and, without exception, has a very calm, good-natured temperament. The Stabyhoun’s medium size and easy to manage coat is a real plus.

If Emo is representative of the breed, it is a dog with a kind, tolerant, sociable and calm nature. Altogether, I think the Stabyhoun is a great bet for a sound family dog.”

– Sandra Boe, KCAI (CD), Discovery Dog Club, Dundee


“I’ve met quite a few of these smashing dogs. One thing I found remarkable about the Stabyhoun is not only how quickly the puppies grow, but how quickly they mature. You can have a 5-month old Stabyhoun puppy acting as calm and mature as a two and a half year old similar sized dog such as the retrievers. Being originally bred as a specialist mole catching dog that required sensitive hearing means that they can pick up some noise sensitivities if scared when they first encounter certain loud noises. Sensitive introductions to noise is essential. They are an affection seeking dog on a level similar to the Spaniels, but without the mania. So if you’re looking for a calmer version of a Spaniel, this might be the dog for you. The Stabyhoun can be a sensitive breed in new surroundings, needing a few minutes to think about new things they encounter. This is not stubbornness but a typical thoughtful and cautious approach. In short: The Stabyhoun makes a great all-round dog.”

James Carroll MSc, Dog Behaviourist, Manchester.