On 12 November 2015, Minke v.’t Hondsdraf (Mieke) gave birth to four beautiful girls and three handsome boys – sired by stunning Dutch stud dog, Abe fan it Roekebosk. As always, the mating went ahead with the blessing of the breeding experts in the NVSW. You can follow the progress of the UK’s third litter of Stabyhoun puppies as they grow up directly on the Briarmere website.

Please note that these puppies have all been sold through the official UK Stabyhoun Association website. If you would like to be considered for the next litter, please contact us.


Rosa ♀

 Rosa 2  Rose

Maaike ♀

 Maaike 3  Maaike 2

Heiko ♂

 Heiko 1  Heiko 3

Hugo ♂

 Hugo 1  Hugo 3

Anika ♀

Anika 1 Anika 2

Jetta ♀

Jetta 2 Jetta 1



 Minke v.’t Hondsdraf


 Abe fan it Roekebosk