The Stabyhoun is an active dog that loves water

What you feed your dog has a huge impact on its health, energy and well-being. For Stabyhouns we highly recommend feeding a diet of raw meat, bones and vegetables (BARF). Don’t worry if mincing and mixing isn’t quite your thing. These days, a BARF diet is as easy to buy and feed as any other wet dog food.

Dogs and their wolf ancestors have been eating raw food for over a million years. It is what their teeth and digestive systems are designed for and they thrive on it. Not only will your dog be happier and healthier; he will also look amazing, keep fit, have better breath teeth and gums. Other benefits include better digestion, strong heart and more energy and vitality.

Dogs eating a raw food diet are sometimes reported to to suffer fewer illnesses and diseases. Indeed, if your dog has any health issues now, it is possible that a switch to a raw food diet might help.

Suppliers of raw dog food in the UK include NutrimentBasil’sHoney’s Real Dog FoodManifold Valley MeatsWolf Tucker and Natural Instinct.

Good quality dry food

If you would rather feed your Stabyhoun dry kibble or perhaps a combination of foods, the following are good quality options (containing fewer or no additives and fillers such as wheat and grain than many mainstream dog foods): Eden Holistic Pet Foods, Arden Grange, Natural dog food company, and K9 Natural.

For a comprehensive breakdown of most available dog foods including ingredient and price comparisons, expert and user reviews, visit All About Dog Food


For healthy and completely natural fish treats, try Angell Petco.