Stabyhoun puppy in full sprint

Stabyhoun puppy in full sprint

Deciding which puppy gets which home is something breeders spend a lot of time on. At first, many new dog owners ask if they can choose their own puppy. The answer is usually that the breeder will work with you in deciding which puppy is right for your family and ambitions for the dog.

The fact that your breeder is keen to help decide who gets which puppy shows a high level of dedication to making sure the best match is made between dog and long-term home.

Stabyhoun puppies will usually be allocated at the age of 5-6 weeks when their personalities have begun to develop. By this time you will already have been in contact with your breeder for several weeks, even months. They will have a very good idea of what you want from your dog.

Which puppy is the right one?

Within a litter, one puppy might be particularly keen to play with the other puppies and more willing to experience new situations, while another might be inclined to watch the group or have a strong desire be with humans. The first puppy is probably better suited to a bustling family with children and other pets for extra company, while the second might be happier living with an older couple with no children so that they can get all the attention. It is by keeping a firm eye on what is best for each puppy that the ideal match can be made.

Can’t the puppy choose me?

This is a rather romantic but somewhat outdated notion. Visiting a litter of young puppies to make a selection on the spot might seem like a good idea. However, the most active puppy might just have woken up or be asleep while you are there. Expecting their little personalities to shine through in a brief visit – even from several visits – is asking a lot from a very young dog. Remember that the breeder spends hours with them every single day. In addition, markings and colour might draw you to a puppy which might not be the best choice for your family. In the Stabyhoun, these are things that are guaranteed to change over time. The puppy’s personality will not.

When the breeder makes their recommendation as to which puppy they feel is right for your family, you can of course decline. In our experience, this is yet to happen! The relationship between breeder and future owners is one built on trust where everyone wants the very best for each carefully bred and raised puppy.

Allocating puppies in a considered manner when the time is right is by far the most responsible way to find new homes for these precious little beings. It means that no one gets ‘pick of the litter’ but that everyone gets exactly the dog that is right for them. Wouldn’t you be happy knowing that when your time comes?