Jelske and Hoover’s seven puppies are now exactly a week old; growing fast and doing really well.

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Arjen ♂

Weight: 836g
 IMG_9998  IMG_0007

Blijke ♀

Weight: 900g
 IMG_0030  IMG_0020

Ditske ♀

Weight: 872g
 IMG_0041  IMG_0051

Emo ♂

Weight: 910g  Weight at 4 days old: 725g
 IMG_0075  IMG_0061

Frieda ♀

Weight: 724g
 IMG_0098  IMG_0078

Greta ♀

Weight: 768g
 IMG_0138  IMG_0121

Helmer ♂

Weight: 970g
 IMG_0115  IMG_0109