Just one week to go before their new families collect them. These are seven happy, healthy and very naughty puppies – ready to make their mark on a new family. They will be missed but also followed from a distance with great pleasure as they enter a new chapter in their lives.

Birth———- Week 1———- Week 2———- Week 3———- Week 4———- Week 5———- Week 6———- Week 8

Arjen ♂

Blijke ♀

Weight: 5295g  Weight: 4870g
 IMG_6217  IMG_6174

Ditske ♀

Emo ♂

Weight: 5000g  Weight: 4885g
 IMG_6108  IMG_6141

Frieda ♀

Greta ♀

Weight: 4800g  Weight: 3770g
 IMG_6115  IMG_6162

Helmer ♂

Weight: 5300g