Official Assessments

Judge: Diana Striegel, Netherlands


Lovely male, with very nice breed specific looks and good proportions.  Handsome head with good proportions and alert expression.  Good eyes and ears.  Scissor bite with extra P, left upper jaw.  Good neck, well developed body with good chest and ribcage.  Good top & underline.  God angulation, good bone.  Good legs and feet.  Good coat condition with good feathers and bushy tail and pants.  Shows a good movement with correct tailset.  Very nice character.

Really a very lovely and handsome guy.  I love him.


Frodo-Luna Rohandin

Nice Bitch, 10 months of age. A real lady. Feminine head with good proportions, lovely dark brown eyes. Well set round ears. Good dentition, alert expression. Well build body, fitting her age. Good proportions, good length in legs. Well spring ribs. Good topline. Harmonious angulations. Nice legs and feel shows a very good movement. A bit loose in front but I’m sure that gets better with age. Good coat condition and a lovely behaviour.


Fan de Douwetille Fryska (Fryska)

Nice female, 1 year in age, good proportion in head and body.  Nice feminine head with good stop, nice expression, good muzzle, good eye ear & teeth.  For her age, a well-built body with strong muscles in the rear.  Good angulations in the front, good fore chest.  Already well-rounded ribs, Pelvis a bit steep.  Good legs.  Moves happy but could have a little more drive in the back.  Good coat structure.  Good feathers.  Bushy tail.  Mainly black, well behaved.

Lovely female. Interested and curious. Wagging her tail – excited for what’s going to happen today.

Overall Score:  VERY GOOD

Keizerin Sissi van de Eenhoornleijn (Izzy)

Nice female, 13 months of age.  A real lady.  Feminine head.  Ears a bit above the skull.  Nice head proportions.  Eyes can be a little darker.  Good teeth and nice body proportions.  Needs to broaden up.  Fitting bone structure.  Good angulations in front and rear.  Nice pelvis, good topline.  Moves well with a good tailset.  Good coat condition but a bit short.  Mostly withe with no ticking.  Very lovely behaviour.

A real charming lady.  Gives a lot of royal kisses

Overall Score:  VERY GOOD

Name Eefke Doutzen fan ‘e Grun (Elske)

Nice sturdy bitch of 1.5 years.  A bit long in the body.  Feminine head with curious expression.  Good proportions.  Good (a bit big) ears.  Good eyes.  A bit much skin at the jowl.  Good dentition, nice eyes.  Good angulations in front and rear.  Topline can be stronger.  Good underline, nice bone structure.  Good feet, good forechest.  Well sprung ribs.  Moves well with a good stride.  Very good coat structure with bushy tail and pants.  Behaves very well. Sweet, lovely.

Overall Score:  VERY GOOD


Sweet lady, almost 22 months.  Nice feminine head with good proportions.  Shows a bit lip.  Good eye, ears and teeth.  Good proportions in her body.  Ca have a little more angulation in front and rear.  Good forechest, well sprung ribs.  Good bone.  Pasterns are too weak, tailset is too low.  Nice bushy tail.  Open coat on her topline.  Not in optimal coat condition.  Lovely behaviour.  Moves with short steps and loose in her wrists and hocks.

Overall Score:  VERY GOOD

Stabyworld’s Bottas Zijde fan Kaije (Bottas)

Lovely puppy from 21 weeks.  Already a real boy for his age.  Nice sturdy with good bone.  Masculine head with a bit puppy expression.  Still a bit big ears.  Muzzle a bit too short.  Scissorbite,  shows some lips.  Already a well built body with good proportions and very good angulations.  Well sprung ribs, strong loins.  Very good coat structure.  Moves very well for his age.  Of course a bit loose in the elbows.  Really a lovely character.

Lovely puppy already a real man for his age.  Curious how he will develop.


Zeger (Arlo)

Sturdy and tall masculine Staby, 20 months of age.  Masculine and broad head.  Good proportion.  Strong muzzle, nice ears, feathering a bit short.  Good eyes and teeth.  Strong build body with good angulations in the front and good enough angulation in the rear.  Strong ribcage.  At bit steep pelvis.  Strong bone, strong loins.  Good coat structure.  A bit open at the back and loins.  Bushy tail.  Moves with a good tailset, but a bit messy with his legs.  Nice behaviour. He’s too tall, but still shows a very good breed type and everything is in balance.

He’s too tall, but still shows a very good breed type and everything is in balance.

Overall Score:  VERY GOOD

Loeke Loke fan de Moaie Hovingen (Jasper)

Nice young male, 14 months of age.  Good proportions in head and body.  Head with curious expression.  Needs to broaden up a bit and get a bit more masculine.  Good ears, eyes, and teeth.  Shows a bit lip.  Good body development for his age.  Good angulations in front and rear.  Good pelvis.  Chest and ribs needs time.  Good coat structure, enough feathering and bushy tail.  Loves to move in a pace or very upwards (jumping and joking) lovely behaviour, patience and sweet.

A real adolescent, turning into a man.

Overall Score:  VERY GOOD

Klies Easger Fan de Moaie Hovingen (Otis)

18 months of age, A real youngster.  Head with good proportion, muzzle, skull.  Deep muzzle.  Shows lips, Nice dark brown eyes.  Good scissorbite.  Head could be a bit more masculine.  Body in development.  A bit small/narrow enough to forechest, ribcage needs time.  Harmoniously angulations.  Bone fits the body.  Pasterns a bit steep.  Good coat structure and feathers need a little time.  Moves well, a bit loose in front.  Very very very nice behaviour. Sweet, patient and alert.

Behaviour and other comments: Castrated 2.5 weeks ago

Overall Score:  GOOD


Tall guy with good proportions.  Nice male head with good stop and almost a straight nose bridge.  Nice brown eyes.  Good ears.  Scissorbite, but missing the i1 on the left upper jaw and the P2 on the right upper jaw.  Well built body, sturdy.  Good topline, good angulations.  Strong bone, good feet, coat a bit open.  Long feathers and nice bushy tail.  Loves to pace with a happy tail.  Nice behaviour

Overall Score:  VERY GOOD


Nice and tall Staby male with good looks and proportions.  Lovely male head with good proportions.  Nice expression.  Good dentition, well set ears with the carried form of a masons trowel.  Well built body with good chest and ribcage.  Good top & underline.  Good angulations in front and rear.  Nice length of legs.  Good power in the back and a happy tail.  Good coat structure, but a bit open at the back.  Nice feathers.  Bushy tail and a lovely behaviour.

Overall Score:  EXCELLENT

Fun Dog Show Results

Best Condition

1st Place                    Danica

2nd Place                   Otis

3rd Place                    Mork


Junior Handler

1st Place                    Marloes

2nd Place                   Charlie

3rd Place                    Megan-Rose


Waggiest Tail

1st Place                    Jasper

2nd Place                   Bottas

3rd Place                    Helmer


Prettiest Bitch (Stabyhoun Only)

1st Place                     Luna

2nd Place                   Elske

3rd Place                    Alisa


Handsome Hound (Stabyhoun Only)

1st Place                    Helmer

2nd Place                   Bottas

3rd Place                    Jasper


Dog the Judge would like to take home

Winner                      Sander