On 6 July 2017, Jess gave birth to a huge litter of nine healthy puppies: 5 fabulous boys and 4 glorious girls. The father is UK stud dog, Marrondales Herryt.

All nine puppies will be sold to families on the UK Stabyhoun Association waiting list


Boede ♂

1-Boede_3 1-Boede_4

Deuwe ♂

 2-Deuwe_4  2-Deuwe_3

Welmer ♂

5-Welmer_4 5-Welmer_3

Roelf ♂

 8-Roelf_3  8-Roelf_4

 Gelmer ♂

 9-Gelmer_3  9-Gelmer_4

 Tieke ♀

 3-Tieke_4  3-Tieke_3

Ganna ♀

4-Ganna_3 4-Ganna_4

Ypie ♀

6-Ypie_4 6-Ypie_3

Orsel ♀

7-Orsel_3 7-Orsel_4

Mum: Golda Attie Fan ‘e Nije Swemmer


Dad: Marrondales Herryt