Breeding a litter of puppies can be a wonderful experience. Hard work, fun, challenging and sometimes a constant worry until they leave for their new homes at 8 weeks. One thing it is not, however, is cheap. To give future breeders and idea of the costs involved in having a litter of Stabyhoun puppies, we have collated the most common and necessary costs here. Please note that this does not include the cost of qualifying the bitch for breeding such as show assessments, hip and elbow scoring, DNA tests and profiles.

The mating

Progesterone test (each time): £25-£65

Dogs ovulate when the oestrogen level declines and the progesterone level increases. This test will help you determine the optimal time for mating your dog or when to order fresh, chilled semen from abroad for artificial insemination. Expect to have to carry out anything from one to five or more tests depending on how long your bitch is in season, and how well you feel you yourself are able to read the physical signs that she might be ready to mate.

UK stud dog fee: £ typically the price of a puppy (around 1,200- 1,500) but this comprises various agreement elements set out in the UKSA stud dog contract

Dutch stud dog fee: €700

Danish stud dog fee: (typically the price of a puppy DKK 10 000)

Semen collection preparation and overnight delivery from a Dutch stud dog: €310

Semen collection, preparation and overnight delivery from a Danish stud dog example: 3,640 DKK

Vaginal Artificial Insemination (using good quality fresh chilled extended semen): £170

Transcervical Artificial Insemination (using frozen-thawed semen or poor quality fresh chilled extended semen): £195-£430

Pedigree registration costs

All UK-born Stabyhoun pups bred according to the UKSA and NVSW rules are registered with full, official Dutch pedigrees. It is a slightly complex process that involves a number of different stages including DNA profiling of all the puppies, to verify the parentage. Below is an outline of those costs (subject to changes from 2017).

The initial mating and litter notification: €41

Dutch DNA profiling kit from VHL genetics (no UK testing kits are yet approved for this): €70

The following costs are charged per puppy:

Pedigree: €30.80

DNA profiling and verification: €30.70

Puppy ID: €48.20

Food, worming and vet visits

The cost of feeding a litter of puppies depends on the diet. Many UK owners and breeders feed and wean their dogs using a high quality, raw meat and vegetable diet.

The puppies are typically wormed twice before they go to their new home.

Mandatory vet visit for: health check, micro-chipping, and DNA profiling around the age of 6 weeks.

Specialist reproductive vets in the UK

UK Clone, Raymond Heathcote , Surrey

Fit and Fertile, Preston

Tweed House Vets, Gillian Averis, Leeds

Breed My Dog, Julie Gray, Rocester

Veterinary Reproduction Service, Angelika von Heimendahl, Cambridge

The AI Centre, Mike Gulliford, Bristol

Canine Reproduction, Merefield Stud, Cheshire