The Stabyhoun is a remarkable breed; bred most often by families and individuals who care deeply about its future, and who may or may not have much experience in the field. This is why the UK Stabyhoun Association provides comprehensive assistance throughout the process making sure breeders and new owners receive all the help and assistance available.

Here is what the UKSA provides:

  1. Help, advice and assistance in qualifying your dog for breeding
  1. Comprehensive research and expert advice in finding the best possible genetic and physical match for your dog
  1. Advice and assistance in arranging matings in the UK and abroad; including how to successfully use Artificial Insemination
  1. Advice on matings
  1. Advice about caring for mum during pregnancy
  1. Advice on labour, raising and socialising the puppies including weaning
  1. Access to a comprehensive waiting list of families/homes for all puppies
  1. Support and assistance to all UK Stabyhoun for the lifetime of the dog – including emergency fostering and re-homing if ever it becomes necessary

In return, what we ask of our breeders is that they:

  1. Comply with all UKSA breeding rules and Code of Ethics
  2. Follow our advice and guidance regarding when to breed
  3. Agree to a full litter assessment by a UKSA representative when the puppies are around 7-8 weeks old
  4. Follow the registration procedure for obtaining full Dutch Kennel Club pedigrees for all puppies
  5. Pay £100 per puppy to the UKSA as a contributions towards the services provided, the efforts invested in finding homes for all the puppies, and to contribute towards bringing over qualified Dutch judges to assess the litter the following year

Please note: The registration of UK-born Stabyhoun with the Dutch Kennel Club is a strict and somewhat complicated process. The UKSA will help you throughout the process. But it is ultimately your responsibility as a UKSA-approved breeder to make sure the owners receive the correct pedigree and owner certificate for their puppy.