First of all thank you for your interest! The waiting time for a Stabyhoun/Wetterhoun puppy varies throughout the year. However, if you are hoping to add a puppy to your family within a few months, this may not be the right breed for you.

    This questionnaire is designed to help the UKSA identify if a Stabyhoun/Wetterhoun is the right breed for you, and to help breeders understand what kind of home you can offer to one of their precious puppies. I’m Short answers and a lack of enthusiasm is unlikely to paint a very appealing picture, so please take your time in completing each section. It is our experience that the most detailed and passionate applications will be offered a puppy sooner than those with short or missing answers.

    The decision to sell a puppy to anyone on our waiting list ultimately lies with the breeders. By completing this form, you agree for the UKSA to keep and send a copy of it to relevant breeders.

    Once a puppy has been confirmed for your family, we will ask that you join the UK Stabyhoun Association which costs £20 for one year, however the first year you will be asked to pay £50 for the first three years membership and is, amongst other things, a small contribution towards the extensive effort that goes into selecting every single Stabyhoun/Wetterhoun puppy for families in the UK. You can read more about membership benefits on our website.

    By completing this form you are agreeing that you are happy for your details to be stored by the UKSA and shared with potential Breeders

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    First of all, what attracted you to this breed?

    Please describe your perfect dog e.g. energy levels, grooming requirements, affection towards people, trainability and so on.

    Do you live in?
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    Do you own or rent your home?

    Please list the people and their ages in your household and indicate their experience/interaction with dogs (include yourself, spouse, children and anyone else the puppy will be living with):

    Do you have a gender preference for your puppy?

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    Are you interested in a Stabyhoun/Wetterhoun for (mark as many as appropriate)
    Family/companion dogWorking/huntingAssistance dogShowingBreedingFly-ballAgilityObedience

    If you currently own one or more dogs, please provide the following details: breed, age, sex and neutering

    If you do not currently own a dog, will this be your first dog (as an adult)?

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    What is your line of work and that of your spouse/partner if applicable?

    Who would be at home during the day to care for the puppy?

    If the dog would be left alone for more than 4 hours each day, which arrangements would be made to exercise it?

    How many hours per day would you spend with the dog?

    Please describe a typical week in your home…

    Please describe a typical weekend in your home…

    Where will the puppy sleep at night and when left alone?

    What will you do with the puppy when you go on holiday?

    How much exercise will you be able to give the dog?)

    Have you got a garden?

    If yes, is it surrounded by a secure fence?

    Do you plan to take your Stabyhoun/Wetterhoun to puppy or obedience training class?

    Have you taken a dog to training classes before, what kind and how long ago?

    How important is dog training for you and why?

    Do you believe in being a strong alpha role to your dog?

    Do you know what socialisation is and why it is so important?

    Do you plan to have your Stabyhoun/Wetterhoun neutered, and please explain why/why not?

    Would you be interested in breeding with your Stabyhoun/Wetterhoun if he or she was deemed suitable? Please note that, with this breed, many families simply let their dog have a single litter for the experience and to benefit the population. Breeding, to us, does not entail an ongoing commitment. If you are unsure about what is required for a male OR female to be allowed to breed, please read our guidelines first before agreeing, as breeders will take this firmly into consideration:

    Have you ever bred a dog/raised a litter of puppies before?

    Would you be interested in a puppy from the Netherlands or Denmark from a UKSA approved breeder if such became available first, or are you only interested in one born in the UK? Please carefully consider the journey to both countries which will have to be made by car, before replying

    How long are you willing to wait for a puppy?

    Please provide any additional information about yourself, your family, reasons for wanting a Stabyhoun/Wetterhoun puppy and anything else you can think of which might be relevant. Remember that it is the individual breeder who, in the end, decides who they wish to sell a puppy to and sometimes, having a detailed picture of the home you are offering and your enthusiasm for this unique breed makes all the difference.

    If you'd like to support your application with a picture of your home, family, pets etc, please attach it here: Please feel free to email more to

    If you have not yet met a Stabyhoun/Wetterhoun, please indicate which one(s) you would like to meet from this list of available UK dogs (you might have to copy and paste the link into a new window): If you have already met a Stabyhoun please indicate the dogs and owners names.

    How did you first find out about the breed?