If you are interested in the Stabyhoun and are thinking of applying for a puppy, meeting one in person is the next sensible step. Few breeders would agree to sell a puppy to someone who hasn’t yet met what is a rare and unique breed in its own right.

    In the UK we are fortunate that many of our owners have agreed to introduce interested families to their dogs, and share their experience with the breed to date. Please visit our website for details of all the UK Stabyhoun that you can meet: http://stabyhounuk.com/stabyhouns-in-the-uk/

    Then complete the form below, including the names of the dog(s) you would like to visit. If they are available, we will introduce you by email so that you can make the arrangement directly. Please note, however, that we never give out the addresses or phone numbers of UK Stabyhoun owners.

    Some of the Stabyhoun in the UK are trained to do agility, hunting/gun dog work, heel-work to music, scent tracking/search and rescue, and as Therapy Dogs. If you are particularly interested in meeting one of these are hearing more about their 'work', please indicate this in the form.

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