On 8 March 2015, Gaaske Jelske fan de Moaie Hôvingen successfully mated with Gysbert Jurre v. ‘t. Hollandse Hout. The mating was endorsed by the breed experts in the Dutch Stabyhoun Association (NVSW) – based on an evaluation of the dogs’ pedigree, health records and show conformation results.

Exactly nine weeks later, on 10 May, Jelske gave birth to 4 beautiful girls and 3 strong boys. Here you can follow them as they grow up week by week…


Week 1———- Week 2———- Week 3———- Week 4———- Week 5———- Week 6———- Week 7———- MISC

Arjen ♂

Birth weight: 418g  Weight at 4 days old: 680g
Arjen #1 Arjen #2

Blijke ♀

Birth weight: 440g  Weight at 4 days old: 688g
 Blijke #2  Blijke #1

Ditske ♀

Birth weight: 414g  Weight at 4 days old: 653g
 Ditske#1  Ditske2

Emo ♂

Birth weight: 470g  Weight at 4 days old: 725g
 Emo #1  Emo #2

Frieda ♀

Birth weight: 332g  Weight at 4 days old: 531g
 Frieda #2  Frieda#1

Greta ♀

Birth weight: 358g  Weight at 4 days old: 695g
 Greta #1  Greta for sure1

Helmer ♂

Birth weight: 430g  Weight at 4 days old: 725g
 Helmer #2  Helmer #1