On 6 October 2019, Izzy (Keizerin Sissi v d Eenhoornleijn) delivered 8 healthy puppies: 4 girls and 4 boys.  The father is Stud dog Boris. Both Izzy and Boris are imported dogs.

All eight puppies will be allocated to families on the UK Stabyhoun Association waiting list

Callypso     ♂

Black and White   307g

Dion       ♀

Brown and White   327g

Narvi     ♂

Brown and White 285g

Kari       ♀

Black and White   335g

Tarvos     ♂

Brown and White 284g

Pandora       ♀

Black and White   339g

Thethys     ♂

Brown and White 323g

Rhea       ♀

Black and White   309g

Izzy (Keizerin Sissi v d Eenhoornleijn)            NHSB 3049878

Boris (Lune Lowietje Duchesse de Hedwige) NHSB 3055282