Christina Savage with Ruby, one of the Stabyhoun you can meet

Christina Savage with Ruby, one of the Stabyhoun you can meet

If you are reading this then you are already the lucky owner of a Stabyhoun. Your first step was most likely a telephone interview with one of the UK Stabyhoun Association board members, or a visit with a Stabyhoun in your area.

The chance to see and interact with a Stabyhoun is absolutely essential for people who think that this might be the perfect breed for them. These wonderful dogs are hard to describe and almost impossible to compare with other more common breeds in English.

Although the door is always open for hopeful or curious families to visit UKSA board members and their dogs, we might sometimes be a little too far away for some people. So we invite everyone who has bought a Stabyhoun through us to volunteer as local visiting home.

What does it involve?

Typically, we will introduce you to hopeful families via email. The criteria will most often merely be that you are their closest Stabyhoun, but it might also be that your dog is what they are interested in (male or female for example). From here, you arrange a date and time that suits you both directly either via email or telephone. Don’t be afraid to ask visitors to fit into your schedule. After all, you are doing them (and us) a favour.

Some people would like to bring their children or dog along which is usually fine. However, if your dog does not enjoy the comfort of particular people or dogs, then you are perfectly within your rights to say so. For a Stabyhoun, this is rare but each dog is their own. Likewise, you might be in the middle of a training or socialisation regime that doesn’t involve out-of-control Setters or a football team of screaming children. Although most people agree to a visit in their home, meeting up for a walk in one of your local parks is perfectly acceptable too.

During the visit

The most important thing is that interested families get an truthful idea of what these dogs are like. Don’t feel that you have to apologise because your dog barks, jumps up or approaches strangers with a bit of caution. There is no such thing as the perfect dog and the Stabyhoun, wonderful as we all might think they are, sport their very own set of quirks and characteristics. It is far better that people discover at this point that this might in fact NOT be the dog for them.

Please be completely honest about your experience with the breed, and your journey to owning one. Do not, however, seek to provide an indication of when and from where a puppy might be available. There are so many variables to consider beforehand. If there is anything you don’t know, just say so. The UKSA is here to provide all the necessary information, at all times.

After the visit

A member of the UKSA board will be in touch with the visiting family afterwards. If you have any thoughts or feedback for us regarding a family or individual’s suitability for the Stabyhoun, we would also love to hear them.

Meeting Pipo, a male Stabyhoun for the first time

Meeting Pipo, a male Stabyhoun for the first time

As you probably remember, our puppy application process is rigorous and, at times, lengthy. Before anyone is approved, all three members of the UKSA board will have read their application, two members will have spoken with them over the phone and often one of us will have met with them in person. We all have experience in finding good homes for a variety of dogs and breeds. This is not a responsibility that lies with you, so don’t worry.

Whether or not someone is able to offer a Stabyhoun a good home depends on a plethora of factors including available time, attitude towards dogs and dog training, experience with dogs and expectations to their next canine companion. We do not judge anyone prematurely but take our time to form an honest and objective view of whether we feel this is the dog for them. If you don’t get on with someone visiting you and your Stabyhoun, feel free to tell us and to explain why. Sometimes, that good old ‘gut feeling’ is worth listening to and worth sharing.

– Please do not at any point advise a visiting family as to whether you think this is the right dog for them
– Please do not set out UKSA policies and guidelines outside of those formulated on our website or in the Code of Ethics
– Please do not at any point seek to dissuade an individual or family from applying for a Stabyhoun puppy, or actively attempt to persuade them that this is the right dog for them.

You are doing both the UKSA and these wonderful dogs a huge favour by allowing interested families into your home, and letting them spend time with your dog. We truly appreciate it. You have probably agreed to do so because, once upon a time, someone did the same for you. Thank you!